Information for Sponsors

Our currently featured campaign is the ISF Africa Capital Project, an economic empowerment strategy centered around education ventures in the African Union from Cape Town to Cairo. We have selected 500 entrepreneurial business development projects over a start-up period of three years since 2015, to participate in a joint venture partnership strategy known as the ISF Africa Fortune 500.

Contributions to the Independent Schooling Fund from private and independent business are tax-deductible in the category Advertising and Promotions for corporate sponsors, business and community stakeholders who participate in our cross-promotions and social media marketing campaigns.

Individuals who contribute to our fundraising campaigns and who do not own a stake in a private business, may transfer their sponsorship credit to an organization or cause of their choice. Individual sponsors who have contributed to our campaigns and who do not wish to receive the associated cross-promotion or advertising benefit for themselves, may nominate an organization or business of their choice to be the beneficiary of their sponsorship and of the advertising dollar deduction associated with their contribution.

All sponsor nominations by individuals are subject to clearance by the ISF Legal team and to approval by the designated recipient of the sponsorship benefits.

Designated nominees (organizations or businesses) may take advantage of the advertising or cross-promotion opportunity purchased by individual sponsors. Nominees are eligible to deduct the amount spent by individual sponsors on their behalf on associated cross-promotions or campaign media where permissible by law.

Crowd funding platform sponsorships originating from Canada are subject to HST and are therefore eligible for the HST input tax credit in addition to being deductible in the "Advertising and Promotions" category for participating business entities. HST is included on our current promotions in all cases and is remitted by ISF on behalf of the sponsor.

Choose one of our crowd funding platforms to contribute, or send your donation via PayPal to with notes indicating the project, member school or student you wish to sponsor.

You may also contribute by cash to a duly authorized ISF representative, by cheque or bank draft to our Toronto office, by Interac e-deposit to or ask us to invoice your company or organization for the sponsorship amount decided upon, to be settled at a later date.

For monthly contributions via the secure Patreon platform, you may stipulate an amount to be billed directly to your credit card on the first of each month. You may stop or change the amount of your sponsorship at any time.

If you prefer to send an amount designated to a specific purpose, or simply want to donate without going through the crowd funding platform, click the Donate button below and fill in the Donor Information Form to make your wishes known as to how you wish to designate your financial contribution (ISF Africa Capital Project/Own It Africa! or ISF Legal Defense, or a specific ISF member school or eligible student's individual scholarship or student loan fund). 

Anyone can donate to the Independent Schooling Fund. 

Any student can apply to our Fund for consideration, regardless of income or academic achievement. 

There is no application fee for students at this time. Student applicants require ISF Legal Defense Association coverage. Sponsors may provide ISFLDA Family Memberships for students who cannot afford the fees. 

We utilize a professional fundraising team with outreach capacity across Canada, the UK and the United States to find sponsors.

Outreach Associates are approaching the following categories of donors with campaigns for specific purposes within our Fund.

1. Corporations 
We work with businesses who support independent schooling and who feel that a top notch education will enable them better to meet their employment needs in the future. 
We actively encourage companies to become sponsors to enable promising students who do not have the funds to afford such an education, to benefit from the program of their choice.
Work-study scholarships are available through ISF to high school students who have chosen a field of study related to a specific career choice, and who may benefit from working with compatible sponsors in accordance with their chosen career path.
2. Faith communities 
We strongly believe that there should not be any conflict between the values taught at a student's home and the values taught at school. 
A student's faith should be supported at school and they should not be put under pressure to be more "secular" or to abandon their family values just because others have different values. 
Students from Islamic, Jewish, Christian and other faith communities are actively encouraged to apply to the Independent Schooling Fund for support to be able to afford the school fees at schools operated by members of their own faith community. 
We conduct outreach campaigns to various faith communities to support students from families with strongly held religious beliefs.
3. NPOs, NGOs and Charities
Non-Profit Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations and Charities often have mandates compatible with our own. 
ISF is not a charity. It is an economic empowerment partner with a powerful network of strategic allies. We regularly enlist the help of like-minded organizations who support our mandate.
Each organization in turn reaches out to their community of supporters to let them know of our efforts and to send us eligible student candidates who can benefit from our scholarship fund.
4. Individuals
We work with families to develop subsidies and student loan facilities that will enable them to reach their goal of maintaining appropriate educational choices whether they have the financial means to do so otherwise, or not. 
Individuals can enlist the help of extended family members and friends and of their faith community, social networks, clubs, sports teams, celebrities they admire, business associates and other extended networks through ISF. We support their outreach with efforts of our own to ensure that no child should ever be refused a suitable education of their family's choice on account of lack of finances. 
We may also approach public figures and other individuals with financial resources beyond the average, to support our fund.
We are currently conducting an outreach campaign to private schools to enable them to sign up to the Fund and to make their facilities more accessible to those who cannot afford their fees. 
Many private schools have scholarship funds of their own. This Fund is not intended to replace those, but rather to supplement them so that students who would not otherwise have been accepted to the school of their choice for financial reasons, can receive scholarship or student loan assistance to attend.
5. Schools
Private and independent schools who wish to gain access to the Fund and to enlist the help of our full-time professional fundraising team to support applicants, increase their existing fundraising capacity and also to receive referrals of applicants from us, can do so by becoming members of the Independent Schooling Fund for a small annual or monthly fee.
We support all private and independent education programs in principle, including activity programs or projects that are not publicly subsidized. 
Call the office toll-free to get sponsor support if you are a new or existing sponsor. We can be reached at 1-877-735-7713. Please complete the enclosed Sponsor Form with your details. 

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