ISF Association Membership entitles you to:

1. Updates from our mailing list on our endeavors to promote academic freedom, independent schooling and freedom of conscience in education.
2. Attendance at our events.
3. A listing on our exclusive Membership List as a participating school providing assistance for qualified candidates to attend with the help of ISF subsidies, scholarships or student loan packages custom designed for your students.
4. Cross-promotions for your organization on our web sites and on your own promotional materials as an ISF member. Inform clients that your school is a member of an industry association providing financial resources to promote the cause of independent or private schooling.
5. Business development consulting services free of charge or at reduced members-only rates on all aspects of financing and fundraising pertaining to our industry. This includes access to specialized financial instruments such as stock options or community bonds facilitated by ISF and its team of legal and financial advisors.
6. Interactive and conventional marketing resources focused on our industry. We position your brand with crowd funding platforms, social media promotions, and many other marketing tools crucial to your success in a competitive market.
7. Member support via our toll-free number across North America. Calls from members are returned within one (1) business day if they are not picked up in person by one of our volunteers.
8. Access to special promotions, crowd funding platform rewards, merchandise and other items to facilitate your fundraising strategies.  
9. Access to ISF Legal Defense when the right of independence of educators or the academic freedom of students is jeopardized in any way, shape or form. 
10. Access to a professional phone fundraising team of 100+ seasoned phone fundraising specialists with experience in the education industry and in the non-profit sector, to fulfil any size member fundraising requirement on time and on budget.

Member Support Services

Send new member enquiries to or call the office at +1-437-345-4975.

Rights and Responsibilities of ISF Association Members

Membership enables participating private or independent schools, education projects, activity programs, home schooling families and other independent educators to gain access to the fundraising resources of the Independent Schooling Fund.
Membership entitles private and independent schools, education projects and activity programs to receive referrals of eligible prospective students from the Independent Schooling Fund Association.
All members have access to our featured promotions, special events and collective fundraising campaigns.
Currently featured in-house campaigns are ISF Legal Defense and ISF Africa Capital Project. Our 2015 seasonal special promotion is our Sister Schools program. Ontario members have the opportunity to be matched with schools in Africa in the ISF Africa Capital Project. This offer is presently available to private and independent schools in Ontario only, but it will expand across North America in the future. This project is strongly supported by educators, students, community stakeholders, and celebrities across Africa.
Independent Schooling Fund Legal Defense is a project in which our member schools are supported by a network of specialist lawyers across North America who serve the needs of our members in protecting the right to freedom of choice in education.
We engage in continuous fundraising for our Legal Defense Fund to assist any member in need and also to address issues surrounding academic freedom in matters of principle.
Our phone fundraising service provider optimizes decades of professional experience in the non-profit fundraising sector and is able to manage any size fundraising campaign professionally so that you can get on with your most important job: educating the thought leaders of the future.
Boost your existing scholarship fund by taking your fundraising efforts to the next level with a team of professionals at your service.

ISF reserves the right to withdraw authorization to identify as an ISF Association member in the event of unacceptable conduct on the part of any member, or any action on the part of a member organization that runs contrary to our goals or violates the integrity of our organization's mission. ISF reserves the right to decide such issues at its sole discretion.